Her rugby counts

On May 30-June 1, 2015 the College Rugby Championships for 7s aired on NBC televising men’s college club rugby teams from all over the country.

This event was hosted by the CRC’s Sevens organization and sponsored by Penn Mutual. Online ticket sales for the occasion are available right now, spots are limited. In many months prior to this event, collegiate club teams were required to sell a quota of tickets in order to fill seats in the Philadelphia based stadium.

While there was an entire women’s collegiate bracket that competed and crowned Penn State a champion, not one game for the women was televised.

Physical marketing posters failed to include the women’s side of the tournament. We are all for men’s rugby but clearly NBC, Penn Mutual and CRC’s feels women rugby players are good enough to sell tickets to fill the stadiums but not good enough to merit equal coverage.

Women’s rugby is growing in the United States there are over 200 women’s collegiate club teams and 15 NCAA programs in the United States, yet we are continually ignored or misrepresented on many levels in the media. Please sign this petition even if you are not a female rugby player.

Whether you are a rugby mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent daughter, son or anyone else who supports our great sport, please consider helping us send this message.

Please help us tell NBC, Penn Mutual and CRC’s that women’s CRC teams will not continue to sell tickets for an event that does not feature or value the other gender nor offer deserved recognition or airtime.

Our daughters are equally as important as our sons. Please sign today!